8 Top Tips To Restore Doors

We can lengthen the lifespan of doors with a little work and some knowhow and this article aims to provide the latter. So, here are 8 tips to restore your doors. 

  1. Deep Clean Wooden Doors

Mix a little bit of polish remover and wax into a bowl. Next, dip a steel wool pad into the mixture before swabbing the surface. Make sure you go with the grain, and not against it.

After a few minutes, you can take a dry cloth to wipe away grease and dirt from the door. Here’s another tip, turn the cloth over frequently because this will avoid rubbing in the dirt. After 24 hours have passed by, you can apply the finishing oil.

  1. Hide Screws

To achieve a clean finish, you can make plugs with wooden do-welling.

Use a G-clamp to clamp the do-welling safely in place, and then cut it to a short length. It should be slightly wider than a diameter. Just make sure the hole is completely clean and only use the glue liberally. Next, knock the wood into place with a mallet.

  1. Carefully Finish

Before the glue dries, wipe away any excess with a damp sponge. Next, let the glue set and then you can saw the peg off, but make sure it is flush with the surface. The best tool to use for this part of the job is a fine-toothed handsaw, as it has a blade that isn’t supported, and the blade is flexible.

Keep the blade level using your free hand. Place thing card beneath the teeth of the saw because this will protect the doors as you work. Now you can rub smooth using a piece of abrasive paper. 

  1. Fill In The Holes

Use wood filler to fill in gaps, holes and cracks that are in the door, and make sure you tighten the lid on the can when you’re done using the filler. If the filler is too dry, then add a tiny amount of water to it. If you want to repair surface damage to a timber door, then consider using wax filler sticks. The wax is durable and reliable.

  1. Restore Sheen

Apply a single coat of finishing oil; Which you’ll do using a cloth, scouring pad or a brush. This will enhance the wood door’s natural color. Before you wipe away any surplus of oil, you want to wait a good 10-20 minutes, and if you wish to add additional coating, then make sure you do so in intervals of at least 5 hours. The more coats you apply to the door, the higher the sheen, which also will lead to a more durable finish. Afterwards, you can use a cloth to remove excess oil.

  1. Replace The Hinges

We decided to remove the cheap hinges from the door, mainly because they became too rusty and distorted. They are being replaced by tee hinges that were handcrafted. What you want to do first is fix the new hinges onto the timber door, and if possible, use the original holes. You can also replace handles for a clean finish, you will find a great range of interior door handles here.

Use a bradawl to locate new holes, and then you can screw the hinges into the frame of the door. After you’ve screwed one screw into each hinge, you need to test the door out. Open/close it several times, and then you can put in the rest of the screws into the hinges; Only if no adjustments have to be made.

  1. Remove Tarnish

The brass latch has a lot of tarnish on it, which is due to neglect. In order to protect the doors, you should apply masking tape. Next, use a cotton cloth that has been soaked in copper/brass cleaner. Then you can remove the tarnish.

Sometimes tarnish can be extremely hard to remove. If this is the case with you, then use a tiny amount of cleaning fluid (add to a bowl and then dab a pad into it). After you do this, you can wipe away tarnish. Before you use the cloth again, make sure you rinse it off and let it dry.

  1. Use Polish

Finally, you can apply copper and brass polish to the door’s brass parts. Make sure you rub vigorously, as this will achieve the best results. The polish you use should be of high quality, too.

Also, use a car template and keep it with the polish. This will prevent you from getting polish onto parts of the door you don’t want to polish. On that note, it’s a good idea to polish the hinges every now and then.