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8 Best Chandeliers For Low Ceilings (Wait Till You See Number 8)

There is something about chandeliers. You know the feeling when you enter a huge, amazing theater with a ginormous sparkling chandelier – it pulls at your heart.  Of course, most of us don’t have that kind of space (or money) for such an amazing chandelier. But many love having an amazing, but slightly smaller variety gracing their ceilings.  If, though, you have a lower ceiling in your living space, many of the chandeliers out there may be too low hanging for your space. So we have curated 10 of the best selling and best reviewed chandeliers for low ceilings. We no doubt feel you will see a ceiling lights style you will love – or even find an idea that get off to the right start in your search journey. Enjoy.

8 Best Chandeliers For Low Ceilings

1. VINLUZ Modern Metal Art Sputnik Chandelier

VINLUZ Sputnik chandelier is not your father’s chandelier.  With an eye catching design, it’s perfectly at home at your business location or home, especially where you have to low a ceiling for a standard drop chandelier.  This semi flush chandelier has 6 lights (bulbs not included) and is EASY to install.  If you buy dimmable bulbs and a compatible dimmer switch, you now have a dimming chandelier. And at 36′ in length you also virtually have an art piece as well.  The Oil-rubbed Bronze finish is shown but there are 7 other finishes available. You won’t be disappointed. Click here for more info.



2. IJ INJUICY K9 Crystal Chandelier

IJ INJUICY has brought us a nice, low-cost, and functional pendant light fixture to meet your basic lighting needs – with PIZZAZZ! it has a beautiful display of sophisticated workmanship.  Great for any indoor needs and only comes down from ceiling at around 10 inches making this an excellent chandelier for smaller spaces.   This crystal metal lampshade pendant hanging lamp has a lamp shade and body made of premium metal and crystal pendants.  There are 5 light sources, but it looks like more with the amazing reflection of the crystals.  Provides a flicker-free lighting for reading, working, or studying (bulbs not included).  Click here for more info.



3. Saint Mossi Chandelier Modern K9 Crystal Raindrop Chandelier Lighting


The beautiful chandelier from Saint Mossi is beautiful.  Online images can not do it justice.  This K9 Crystal Raindrop Chandelier Lighting is Flush mount and can use LED lights and amazingly brighten you Dining Room, Bathroom, Bedroom or Livingroom.  This pendant style chandelier Lamp only comes down 11″ with a width of 16″.    It is Solidly built with superior quality materials — first-class crystal class raindrop & brightly stainless steel.  3 light sources, but bulb not included.  Full assembly is required – but it’s easy to install. and within a few minutes – this will light up your life. Click here for more pictures



4. Kira Home Gemma 15″ Modern Chic 4-Light Flush Mount Crystal Chandelier 

This flush mount crystal chandelier from Kira Home is perfect for low ceiling living room and dining rooms. The Gemma has 4 light sources (bulbs not included) with stunning faceted crystals and brushed black finish and silver accents.  And the crystal provides a beautiful glow and light refraction.   This low-profile flush mount only comes down about 8 inches so it can dress up a hallway or walk-in closet.  It can make a dazzling addition for over a dining table, in a foyer or lobby.   This chandelier is Dimmable compatible. So add dimmable bulbs and a dimming switch to control your light and set your moods. Click for more info.




5. DINGGU™ Flush Mount Modern Dimmable Ceiling Chandelier


DINGGU™ has done it again. This Flush Mount Chandelier is definitely a conversation starter. It’s modern, attractive and can indeed light up your space. It has 11 G4 3w LED Bulbs (included) and Remote Controller. It also has a dimmable function three way 5 light , 6 lights or 11 lights.  Has chrome finish lamp arms,  with square glass lamp shades. Click for more info.





6. Grazia 20 inch 3 Light Drum Chandelier Ceiling Light


This Grazia 20 inch is a  modern, attractive pendant light that is at home any any room you need lit up.  it features a white fabric shade with a frosted white acrylic diffuser and brushed nickel finish. And talk about flexible, this chandelier has a 6 inch removable rod which can shrink the height from 14.5″ to 8.5″ as needed – great for lower ceilings.  In addition it has a durable swivel to mount on vaulted or sloped ceilings.  It uses three bulbs (LED, CFL, halogen or 60W incandescent medium base bulb (E26)). Bulbs sold separately.   Brushed Nickel finish.  Click here to see more.





7. GLANZHAUS Modern Design Clear Crystal Beads Bowl Shaped Chandelier



ufo chandelier for low ceilings

GLANZHAUS Modern Design has designed a beautiful chandelier.  This 11.8 Inch flush mount Small Clear Crystal Beads Bowl Shaped fixture is the perfect chandelier for low ceiling dining rooms and living rooms. It has 2 lights and can use 60W E12 Bulbs (not included).  Self assembly is required, but it is easy to install with all hardware included along with instructions.  Chrome finish. Click here for more info






8. Possini Euro Orella 28 1/2″W Brushed Nickel Ceiling Light – Possini Euro Design



ball chandelier for lower ceilings

Bet you haven’t seen a chandelier like this one.  This ceiling light from Possini Euro Orella is modern, unique and has to be seen in real life to enjoy it’s brilliance.  It is a little longer than some of the others that we’ve reviewed being about 28″ long. But it’s about 8 1/2″ deep, so it will fit well in low ceiling settings.  It has glass globes with crystal accents.  Each of the five balls are 3 1/4″ wide.   It includes five 40 watt G9 base halogen bulbs.  Click for more info.


How To Clean Your Chandeliers – Safely

Chandelier looks elegant and provides royal touch to any living room. A chandelier is known to reflect royalty in every sense but only until it shines and shimmers like new.  Over a period of time dust settles on crystals, bulbs and frame making it look dull. Like everything else needs cleaning, chandeliers too have to be cleaned once in a year. But how to do it is a hustle because its complex hanging pattern makes the cleaning work difficult.

Dusty and grimy crystal chandelier cleaning is not very difficult but for that you have to be very precise in your action. You will require certain things to accomplish the task. So let’s look at what you will need:

  • A step ladder
  • Drop cloth or pad or thick blanket
  • White gloves or soft lint free cloths
  • Over the counter chandelier cleaning solution
  • Needle-nose pliers

Plan Before You Go Cleaning

Place the ladder in such a way that you are able to reach at every part of the chandelier. Make sure all the legs of ladder are firmly on ground to avoid any fall. Now lay down the thick drop cloth or blanket to prevent any fall or drop of crystal pieces or bulbs.

Ways To Clean Your Chandelier:

Basically there are two ways you can clean the chandeliers.

  1. Cleaning with crystal on
  2. Cleaning with crystal off

Let’s proceed further to elaborate both ways about how to clean a chandelier expertly:

  1. Cleaning with crystal on: First turn off the light or disconnect the electricity of chandelier and let the bulbs cool. Climb the ladder and cover the bulbs with a plastic cover like a sandwich bag and tie rubber bands around the bases so that water doesn’t get inside the bulb socket. Now that everything is in place you can spray the chandelier cleaning solution or a dish wash solution. Carefully sprinkle the solution on every part of the chandelier and let the drops fall off the ground. Once the solution removes the dust from the crystals, bulb and frame of the chandelier then with the help of a soft lint free cloth start to wipe every part. This will take time but worth the effort as at the end of it the chandelier will again start to sparkle with brilliance.
  2. Cleaning with crystal off: Turn off the electricity or power supply of the chandelier. This step is a lengthy one and requires you to take off the crystals from the frame. If you are not sure whether you will be able to reassemble the crystals again then it would be better to take pictures of the assembled lamp from every angle. Now unfasten each crystal piece with a needle-nose pliers or similar tool and place it in a sink filled with mild dish soap. Let the crystal pieces soak in dish soap for a while and in the meantime clean the frame, bulbs and other parts of the chandelier. Once you are done with wiping other parts for the chandelier take out the crystal pieces from the sink and wipe them with an absorbent cloth and let them dry.  Now put the crystal pieces back in place using the pictures you took to make sure they are put back in the exact placement from before.

Once you are done with the cleaning turn on the power and admire your work.

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