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6 Amazing Fandeliers. You Will Love These Chandelier And Fan Combos with Retractable Blades

Have you ever wondered why ceiling fans need to be so boring and not pleasant to look at? Sure, they are practical and an absolute necessity when the weather gets too hot, but do they have to look so plain and bring down the aesthetics of the entire space? It seems that now there is an option for those who are looking for a ceiling fan that is not just functional but also beautiful to look at – the fandelier.

The word ‘fandelier’ is a hybrid of ‘fan’ and ‘chandelier’, and a fandelier is exactly that; it is a ceiling fan that is a chandelier as well. A fandelier is, therefore, a 2-in-1 product, one that functions as a ceiling fan by providing cool air, as well as a chandelier, having lights attached to it as well. You may have seen ceiling fans that have lights attached to them. However, a fandelier has a structure more closely resembling an actual chandelier. The fan, which has retractable blades, is on the inside of the chandelier structure. This makes the fandelier visually distinct from a normal fan. Enjoy these selections.

Siljoy 36 Inches Reverse Dimmable Chrystal Fandelier


36 Inches Reverse Dimmable Fandelier Crystal Ceiling Fan with Lights, Siljoy Modern Invisible Retractable Chandelier Fan LED Ceiling Fan for Bedroom Living Dining Room, Polished Chrome
  • 💎 What a beautiful and awesome fan. 100% Customer Recommendation, This Fandelier was the finishing touch for the bedroom. Elegant looking! Equipped with high-sensitivity remote control and APP control. Love it!
  • 💎 Modern Crystal Fan Chandelier -- Crystal Ceiling fan and 3 colors dimmable LED lights 2 in 1, Top k9 crystal, 4 Acrylic transparent retractable blades, High-quality polished metal lamp body, A variety of decoration styles can be a perfect match.
  • 💎 Quiet & Reversible Function -- Suitable for all seasons! Built-in reverse motor, stable and strong power supply. it can bring cool wind in summer and promotes indoor air circulation in winter. The copper mute motor keeps the room quiet while working, giving you a comfortable sleep experience and living environment.
  • 💎 Smart Remote Control -- CCT Dimmable LED panels, Light brightness adjustable (Warm white/Daylight/Cool White), Retractable ceiling fan has 6 wind speed adjustments and supports timing function. The fan or illumination can be turned on separately. (Battery type is 12V-23A, not incl.)
  • 💎 Beautiful Fandelier Specification -- Diameter: 36 inches (blade stretch out), including 2 rods: 5 inches / 10 inches, suitable for different ceiling heights. We provide customized down-rod if you need it. This crystal chandelier fan is ideal for the bedroom, dining table, living room, indoors, etc.


Fandian 42″ Crystal Ceiling Fan with Lights

Fandian 42" Crystal Ceiling Fan with Lights Remote Chandelier Fixture Modern Retractable Fandelier, 3 Color Changes Lighting Decors for Living Room Dining Room Bedroom
  • CHANDELIER FAN: Modern ceiling fan and elegant crystal chandelier 2 in 1, high-quality and retractable motor, luxury design and beautiful looking, best performance for living room, bedroom, guest room, and dining room.
  • RETRACTABLE BLADES: Equiped with invisible acrylic ceiling fan blades, diameter 42" when extended and 20” when closed, included 2 down-rods ( 4”& 8”), You can choose one that best suits your house.
  • FEATURES: 3 Speed settings (Low-Mid-High), 3 color changes (White,Warm white,Yellow), Automatic timer setting, retractable blades, all the functions can be easily controlled by remote.
  • QUIET RUNNING: Silent copper motor made blows strong air movement and whisper-quiet performance,Cooling your heat and bringing comfortable Living environment.
  • WARRANTY:60 days manufacturer defective and 30 days unsatisfied return or replacement service. If you received unqualified or damaged product, please contact our customer service and they will handle it immediately, we’re dedicating your 100% satisfaction!


A Million 42″ Modern Remote Ceiling Fan with Light In Black Crystal

A Million 42" Modern Ceiling Fan with Light Crystal Black Chandelier Remote Retractable Amber Blades 3 Speeds 3 Colors Ceiling Fans Lighting Fixture, Silent Motor with LED Kits Included
  • SIZE: 42*42*17inch / 106*106*43CM / L*W*H, package included 2 downrods 4" / 8 " to fit different ceiling height.
  • MOTOR: Equipped with pure copper motor, which is silent and strong power supply, brings your family a healthy and comfortable living / sleeping environment, life-time motor guaranty.
  • FABRIC & CRYSTAL: The lampshade was preciously hand-made of black fabric, the diamond shape K9 crystals hang at the bottom of fan light, make your room full of modern and luxury sense!
  • FEATURES: retractable Amber acrylic blades will stretch out and put inside automatically when fan turns on /off, saving spaces. 3 Speeds (Low- Mid -High), 3 Colors (Cool- Neutral- Warm), Timer (1/2/4/8H automatic off), all these functions can be easily controlled by remote.
  • WARRANTY: 60 days manufacturer defectives and 30 days unsatisfied return / replacement service. we're committed your 100% satisfaction!


Moon Lighting Modern Ceiling Fan With Retractable Blades, Light and Bluetooth Speaker

JVUJVCI Modern Ceiling Fan Retractable Blades with Light and Bluetooth Speaker,Silent Motor LED Bluetooth Fan Chandelier 7 Color Lighting for Dining Room/Bedroom
  • Bluetooth Retractable Ceiling Fan: Bluetooth Speaker, Led color chandelier and Retractable fan 3 in 1. Usually as an ordinary fan, it promotes air circulation very well. When closed, the blade retracts invisibly, leaving only a beautiful led chandelier. Diameter-42 inches, Included 5 "and 10" down rods.
  • Music Bluetooth Speaker: Connect the phone's Bluetooth to iLight. When you rest on the sofa or bed, play a piece of music you like. Enjoy the shock of 3D stereo surround sound quality! Or installed in a children's room, playing good night music or stories with your child falling asleep.
  • Remote Control: 3 speed adjustments: high-medium-low, 4 models of running time setting(1/2/4/8 hours). The fan or light can be controlled separately by remote. Pure copper silent motor has a longer service life, with an average of 5-10 years.
  • 7 Color Lights: Download the ilamp app to adjust the color lights to create a variety of room atmospheres. For example, create a more romantic atmosphere for your date with your lover. Or set the color light to automatically change with the melody of the music, making the party atmosphere more crazy and happy!
  • Quick Response Customer Service: If you have any questions about the fan, please send your problem to us, and we will solve it for you.


LighTree 42 Inch Crystal Fandelier Ceiling Fan with Light 6 Speed Retractable Blades

42 Inch Modern Chandelier Crystal Ceiling Fan with Light Remote Dimmable Fandelier Ceiling Fan Light Color Change 6 Speed Retractable Blade Ceiling Fan Light for Bedroom Indoor Living Room (Black)
  • 💖Dimmable Fandelier: Built-in dimmer, which adjust the brightness of the light from 5% to 100%. Chandelier ceiling fan that color temperature can be adjusted from 500K to 6500K. Each kind of light can be dimmed to meet different needs.
  • 💖K9 Crystal Ceiling Fan: Retractable ceiling fan adopt K9 crystals that high purity, clear and high refractive index; raised the level of home decoration. Turn off Chandelier fan, it's a beautiful crystal chandelier.
  • 💖Ceiling fan retractable blades: Acrylic fan blades will expend and retract automatically. Convenient and save your space! Diameter 42" when opened and 16" when closed. 4 "/ 8"downrods included. Silent & Two-way Motor: Ceiling fan with light and remote adopts DC motor that is silent and strong power supply. 360° air fresh! It bring cool wind on hot days and enhance warm air in cold weather.
  • 💖Service For YOU: Crystal retractable ceiling fan with lights and remote ships form US which enable you to receive the goods faster. 2-year quality assurance and INSTALLATION VIDEO. 12 hours online customer service to provide you with any help.
  • 💖Remote Control: Dimmer(Stepless dimming); 6 wind speed; One key Natural wind; 3 kinds of daily lights; One-key Night Light mode; 2 hours timing.If you have issue with the dimming function, please contact us to make the function work.

Siljoy 48″ Reverse Fandelier With Retractable Blades, Farmhouse Style

Siljoy Farmhouse Industrial Ceiling Fans with Light, 48" Vintage Black Cage Invisible Chandelier Ceiling Fan Retractable Reverse Blades Fandelier for Living Room Bedroom
  • ✨ Great Fan. 100% Customer Recommendation, This is a really cool piece. The fan is great once you finally get it set up. Super quiet. Pretty powerful. Love the remote.
  • ✨【Retractable Chandelier Fan 】Industrial ceiling fan and vintage cage chandelier 2 in 1; Brown Acrylic Retractable Blades, High-Quality Metal Lamp body. This Black chandelier fan is ideal for the dining room, living room, indoors, etc. A variety of decoration styles can be a perfect match.
  • ✨【Quiet & Reversible Function】Suitable for all seasons! Built-in reverse motor, stable and strong power supply. it can bring cool wind in summer and promotes indoor air circulation in winter. The copper mute motor keeps the room quiet while working, giving you a comfortable sleep experience and living environment.
  • ✨【Beautiful Fandelier Specification】Diameter: 48 inches (blade stretch out), including 2 rods: 5 inches / 10 inches, suitable for different ceiling heights. We provide customized down-rod if you need it. Recommended using 5 E26 Edison bulbs (not dimmable, not including bulbs). The bulb can be replaced without removing the lamp cover
  • ✨【Smart Remote Control and APP Control 】The speed and light of the retractable ceiling fan can be controlled by the remote control and APP. Has 6 wind speed adjustments and supports a timing function. The fan or illumination can be turned on separately. (Battery type is 12V-23A, not incl.).

What Makes A Fandelier Unique?

The entire concept behind the fandelier is unique and interesting. It takes a normal ceiling fan and turns it into a chandelier. Not only is it a practical addition to any space since it provides air and light, but it also uplifts the entire aesthetics of a space.

Ceiling fans are not the most pleasing to look at as they usually have three long blades spinning around a circular disc. A chandelier, on the other hand, is designed primarily for decorative purposes. This is why a fandelier combines both functions, and so you have a product that can deliver the benefits of both.

Features Of A Fandelier

It is worth getting a fandelier rather than buying both a fan and a chandelier. Here are the various features that a fandelier provides:

Provide Air
One of the basic functions of a fandelier is its ability to provide air. The structure consists of fan blades that produce air when turned on. This makes it a perfect addition to any room, so you can simply turn on the fan and cool off during the summertime.

Lights Up
Just like a chandelier, a fandelier has light fixtures installed to light up the room. Each fandelier has multiple LEDs, so it provides plenty of light. You can even get fandeliers that come with LED lights to reduce the electricity cost while providing ample brightness.

Adjustable Settings
Most fandeliers come with multiple adjustment features so you can customize the airflow and lights. You can use the remote to speed up or speed down the fan, so the airflow it produces is to your need to do so by getting up and going to a dimmer switch on the wall; everything is remotely controlled.

Many fandeliers come with LED bulbs, so it is easy to turn the brightness up or down as well. The unique feature, however, is the ability to change the color of the lights. You can use the remote to change the color of the lights, either go for stark white or warm champagne color. Some fandeliers also come with more non-traditional color choices, like red, blue, and so on.

Retractable blades
Many fandeliers in the market come with retractable blades features. This allows for users to have the fan blades discreetly hidden away when not in use. The blades close up compactly, and the fandelier looks exactly like a chandelier.

Tips On Picking A Fandelier

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when going out to buy a fandelier. Here are some tips you must consider:

Look at the room aesthetics
Since a fandelier is such a visual piece, the way it looks is extremely important. You are installing a fandelier because you want to achieve a look for a specific place. Otherwise, a normal ceiling fan would have sufficed. This is why it is of utmost importance to decide where the fandelier is meant to go and what the basic aesthetic elements of that room are. This way, you can choose a fandelier that complements the overall look of the room. If you are going for a minimalistic and clean look, then a neutral-colored fandelier with clean, simple lines as the structure is a great idea. If you want something more ornate and intricate, then there are plenty of wrought iron options available as well. There are thousands of fandelier designs to choose from, so it is best to form an idea of what you want if you don’t want to get confused.

Keep It In Budget
You can find a fandelier in a wide variety of price ranges. You can get a fully functioning fandelier for as low as $199. On the other hand, you can even get those that can cost upwards of $6,000 or $10,000. So, it depends upon the budget you set for yourself the kind of fandelier you will get. It doesn’t hurt to splurge a little, though, since you will be getting a 2-in-1 product.


A fandelier is a relatively new addition to homes. It is becoming more and more common use nowadays as people prefer to combine the functionality of a fan with the design aspect of a chandelier. Getting one is a smart decision as it saves money and looks beautiful in any room of the house.

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