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5 Minimalist Interior Design Trends Sweeping the Nation

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Minimalism is a design trend that is both stylish and functional. If you’re looking to redesign your home or even just tweak your interior design, then keep these five minimalist essentials in mind.

Simple Design for Functionality

Minimalism focuses on function. There is no excess, and nothing is put in simply because it looks good. Everything has a purpose. One step toward achieving functionality is to declutter.

If you have extra items lying around that never get used or pieces of furniture that are mere decoration, then it’s time to get rid of them. In addition, make sure the furniture you have is simple and purposeful. Minimalistic furniture does not have elaborate artwork or fancy designs, and it always fills a necessary purpose.

Clean Lines and Compositions

Focusing again on a simple design, minimalism strives for clean lines and compositions. The furniture has straight edges instead of rounded or curved, and the layout of the room follows straight lines on a grid. Items don’t overlap each other’s gridlines, either. This keeps things looking orderly and clean.

Bright and Natural Lighting

Bright and natural lighting is another feature of minimalism. Skylights, windows, and open spaces can add a lot of natural light to rooms. Even without natural lighting, bright lamps or overhead lights can accentuate the neutral colors that minimalism favors.

Lighter and Neutral Colors

When choosing paint colors, furniture, or fixtures, go for light, neutral colors. These could include white, beige, light blue, light gray, or even light yellow. It is usually good to start with a neutral base, such as white or gray. Then, accentuate it with another color, such as yellow or blue. Along with this, mixing several textures helps keep the room interesting. However, you don’t want to overdo it with too many textures.

Natural Flooring and Themes

A final characteristic of minimalism is natural flooring and themes, which go well with natural lighting. Wooden floors are a great option, and there are numerous natural themes you can incorporate into your design. You could focus on trees, water, mountains, birds, or any number of nature-oriented ideas. Incorporate native elements to feel more connected to nature where you live, or incorporate foreign ideas to escape to your dream vacation.

If you want to incorporate minimalism into your interior design, then these five trends will point you in the right direction. As you declutter your home and start shopping around for minimalist furniture, check out the stylish and functional furniture pieces at For Your Corner.

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