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3 Ways To Make a Tiny Living Room Feel Clean and Fresh

If you have a small living room, you might feel like you’re doomed to feel boxed in by the lack of space. Tiny rooms present challenges to everyday living. You might feel overwhelmed by the clutter, or it might seem that all furniture is created for larger spaces. But there are ways to make even the smallest living room, whether it’s in a house or a small apartment, feel open and inviting. Here are some of the best tricks that you can use.

Use the Right Kind of Furniture

One of the most important ways of making a tiny room feel inviting is by using the right kinds of furniture. First of all, the furniture that you use needs to be scaled to the size of the room. Bulky furniture will only make the room feel smaller. This requires that you ditch the overstuffed reclining armchairs and couches. Instead, choose smaller items with sleek designs. You also need to choose furniture pieces that can do more than one job. For instance, you can choose an ottoman that also has a storage compartment where you can store extra blankets or children’s toys. Blankets and toys are nice to have close by, but they’re better off out of sight. Finally, choose furniture that fits into the corners of a room. You need to make sure that every inch is planned out, and all of the nooks of a room are properly used.

Make Use of Scents

Adding scents to a small room can transform it. Smell is the most powerful sense we have, as scents can be used to evoke emotions, create new experiences and enhance your mood. It has the power to improve your environment, which is why it can impact your home. Essential oils in a diffuser can have a transformative effect on your living room. Try lavender to promote a feeling of calm. You can also use rose oil for a luxurious aroma. According to Dimensions, “scent can be used to transform a space, and you can even get creative in how you combine scents, so let your creativity soar with the combinations that you create.”

Use Light Window Coverings

When you have a small room, you don’t want the window coverings to make the room feel more cramped. You want to let light in so that the room feel clean and bright. Be careful with heavy materials, such as velvet and satin. If you incorporate them at all, at least use them sparsely. Instead, favor lighter materials, such as sheers. Next Day Blinds recommends, “ lighter colors give the impression of more space and size then is really there. White is a great neutral that makes a room feel fresh and inviting. And don’t forget that the way you hang curtains greatly impacts the space.

When you have a small living room, you need to be careful about the materials and pieces of furniture that you put in the room. Decorating a tiny living room can be challenging, but it’s entirely possible to create small spaces that you love spending time in.

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