3 Wall Fixes for a More Attractive Living Space

Are you looking to add some personality to your living space? Your walls are the perfect place to use your imagination to liven up your home. Read on to learn three wall fixes for a more attractive living space.


Paint is the most commonly used medium for adding color to walls, and new wall color can make a huge impact on a space. There is plenty of room for bringing your own style to the painting process. You can choose from different finishes, such as matte, satin, brushed or gloss. You can pick a metallic paint, or use a sponge technique to add texture. You can get extra creative and paint a mural. Another option is to hire a painting company, or you can paint your walls yourself if you have the skill and time. If you hire a professional painting company, make sure you have a clear idea of what you want beforehand so that you can clearly communicate your vision to the painters. 

Install Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a classic choice for making your home more attractive. The current trend in wallpaper is temporary wallpaper. The temporary paper gives you the flexibility of being able to change your mind or remove the wallpaper when you leave your apartment. Removable wallpaper comes in many different patterns. Some companies let artists and consumers upload their designs to create personalized wallpaper patterns. For small spaces, install wallpaper as an accent wall to make your space pop without overwhelming the room. Another way to add personality to any wall is to use removable wall decals of words or images.

Cover Your Wall in Fabric

Some people are not aware that using fabric or upholstering for wall coverings is possible, but it is! This choice is for the more daring personality type. For many, installing wall fabric is a popular DIY project. Fabric wall coverings can be a solid color, have various patterns and come in many textures. One benefit of using fabric for your walls is that it will help to soundproof your room, which makes this a great choice if you live in a noise-filled home. An advantage of upholstered walls is that they cover defects that wallpaper accentuates, such as indents, bumps, and cracks. You can save time and money if you choose to install the upholstery on top of the imperfections.


There are many decorating options available to create a home that you love. Have fun with it!


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