3 Areas to Inspect Before Renting or Buying

You’ve found the picture-perfect house and are ready to move in. Only you do so without vetting it properly, and you realize it’s actually a house of mild horrors with many things that need to be fixed. Even if you can afford to fix it, you’re still kicking yourself for not checking these things in advance. To avoid this ugly scenario, here are three things you need to check out before you commit to a house.

Water Worries

Water damage can be apparent even in dry weather. Some things to look out for include mold, seen and/or smelt and brown stains, or rusty pipes. If there are leaks through your ceiling, you need to make sure the roof is reinforced with strong materials. You can also help to reduce the amount of moisture in your home through a dehumidifier. Another thing to mull over is whether you’ll connect to the city’s water supply or have your own.

Electrical Issues

If your home is poorly wired, it can not only make it difficult to enjoy modern comforts, but it can also be a great hazard to your safety. Inspecting your home or apartment for electrical issues is important because unchecked problems could result in the destruction of your property or even death. Some of these signs can be obvious such as ineffective lights, while others can be sneaker and even quite painful, such as outlets that are so high temperature, they hurt to touch. You’ll have to consider your electrical setup, such as whether you’ll be using shared electrical sources, like in an RV park, or your own wiring. Having an electrician look at things is important for efficiency and safety.


You could be moving in with one or two other people but be greeted by countless unwelcome tenants who won’t take “leave” for an answer. Infestations of things like termites and mice are rarely a matter of them crawling right at your feet. They don’t want to be caught, but they will leave behind telltale signs like droppings and wings. Schedule a visit from extermination services if you have any inkling of intruders on the property.

For a house to be truly livable, it needs to be properly set up. You don’t have to completely rule a house out due to any of these issues, but you need to make sure they’re checked before you put your name to it. You might be moving into a small home, but you can encounter some big problems if you’re not careful.

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