10 Ways To Utilize Corner Spaces In Small Bathrooms

Your bathroom is a place that has the possibility for everyone that visits your home will see. With that being said, you always want your bathroom to be at its best and to look its best. If you have a small bathroom you may not know what to do with that awkward corner space that you just cannot decorate just right. Well, if you find yourself dealing with this issue, or if you want to try something new and different for your bathroom corner and you can’t think of anything that will really work well you don’t have to worry. We have come up with some amazingly creative and different things that you can do to decorate and design the small corner in your bathroom. Here are ten great ideas that you can take and put on as your own or that you can do exactly what is stated to make your bathroom extra special and decorated just as you like it.

1. Put in a dressing table: when you look at your bathroom, a small corner is a great place for you to be able to put in a dressing table or what some may call a vanity table. Doing this will bring easy access to things you need and it will also give the vanity a place of its own which makes your bathroom pop and just the right way!


2. Put in some corner shelves: Having a corner shelf display that can hold things that are either for display only or if you need extra place for towels or things that you will need to use on a daily basis, this would be an awesome place for it.

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3. Put in an upper cabinet: If you don’t want to have the floor too cluttered in the corner then you can just put in an upper cabinet. This will still allow there to be room on the floor and give you an extra place to store things that you need in your bathroom. It also adds in a touch of elegance that you may not have realized to your bathroom.

4. A faux corner tree: Adding a plant that you love to your bathroom or freshly cut flowers that may be a favorite can bring fresh life that you may not have realized your bathroom needed or that it could handle. A plant or fresh flowers can make a world of difference that is just right for you.

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5. Put in a freestanding bathtub: When you have a freestanding bathtub you bring in a great visual that you can’t get any other way. This will cut the corner so it’s not noticed at all.

6. Add in a shower stall: If you want to be able to add a great backsplash to the corner area in your bathroom this is a great way to do it. It can make your bathroom feel a lot larger than it is.

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7. Put in a window or two: If you are able to do so, add in a window or two. This will give a nice view to your bathroom and create openness.

8. Change the commode: There are commodes that are made especially for the corner. If you want to give a new look to your bathroom, this will do the job for you.

9. Get a corner sink: This is an awesome space saver for your small bathroom. It will give you more space and room, and it is generally something you don’t really see in a bathroom.

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10. Add in a corner medicine cabinet: Putting a medicine cabinet in will allow you to conceal your corner along with your personal items. If you get one with vintage doors that will add an extra special touch!

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