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Corner Electric Fireplaces

corner electric fireplace Like a lot of furnishings and pieces of home decor, the fireplace has undergone a lot of changes over the years. The corner electric fireplace is one of the finest and most convenient ways to experience both the beauty and the warmth of a fireplace in your home. The corner electric fireplace offers several advantages over more traditional fireplaces. These arise both from its conscious design to fit snugly in the corner of a room and the convenience of their electric design. Here are some creative electric corner fireplace ideas:

Corner Electric Fireplaces

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Corner Electric Fireplaces

corner electric fireplace

White Corner Electrical Fireplace

Corner electric fireplaces are relatively new. Electric fireplaces became popular in the 1950s and since then, they haven't lost their effect, personality, uniqueness, beauty or popularity. From the youngest to the oldest, everyone loves to watch the relaxing fire burning in their houses, bringing warmth or sometimes only light to their living room. If you are one who enjoys such a view, then a fireplace would definitely fit in your living room and will enchant you every night. Do you dream of having such a beautiful piece in your own home? Well, it is a permanently modern piece, so you should never worry about buying it. It will always be magical and perfect!

Anyway, if the atmosphere and design of your living room is very modern and exquisite, than you might prefer a more modern variant than the classic fireplace. Therefore, electric fireplaces come in all sorts of new, modern colors, with color-plays and relaxing sounds and while they are very realistic, they keep offering, at the same time, that sensation of new and authentic.

Also, due to the fact that they don't require wood or gas maintenance, electric fireplaces are not only modern, but also safer and more economical, which makes them a great investment if you have kids or if you simply wish to have your dream living room with a fireplace but also wish to cut off the gas bill.

Electric corner fireplaces have a very special quality: they take very little from your space! You can easily position them in a nook to admire anytime you wish but to save space and use the whole rest of your living room for any other purpose. If you ask yourself where you can find such great fireplaces, the answer is right in front of your eyes. Our website's professionals have made the best selections for you, so don't hesitate to take a look on them and maybe even make the first step to fulfilling your dream of having a fireplace in your own living room by ordering one right now!

The Beauty of the Corner Electric Fireplace

Corner Electric Fireplaces

Attractive Corner Decor

Like a lot of furnishings and pieces of home decor, the fireplace has undergone a lot of changes over the years. The corner electric fireplace is one of the finest and most convenient ways to experience both the beauty and the warmth of a fireplace in your home.

The corner electric fireplace offers several advantages over more traditional fireplaces. These arise both from its conscious design to fit snugly in the corner of a room and the convenience of their electric design.

Of course, the roots of the corner electric fireplace come from the age old design of fireplaces themselves. That means there’s something for everyone in these pieces that blend the best of tradition with the best of innovation. This blend also gives corner electric fireplaces an almost chameleon like quality to adapt to any room and any sense of individual style.

This article seeks to explore several key corner electric fireplace ideas and demonstrate how to experience their beauty in any home. First, let’s explore the unique advantages that this type of design offers homeowners.

Advantages of a Corner Electric Fireplace

There are several major advantages provided by the corner electric fireplace. A lot of these have to do with its construction and design.

While corner electric fireplaces vary a lot and can come in many different forms, such as the corner electric fireplace media stand and even mini corner electric fireplaces, they all also have many design elements in common.

First and foremost among these is the fact that they are designed to fit into the corner of a room. This packs several benefits for homeowners:

    • Allows utilization of space that often isn’t used
    • Makes the room feel larger and increases usable wall space and space in the center of the room
Because corner electric fireplaces are designed to only take up space that is often underutilized, they functionally seem to take up less space than they
Electric fireplace for the corner

Corner Fireplace with TV

actually do. Even if you have a very large corner fireplace, its positionality means that there is still plenty of usable space in the room.

Also, because they are available in such a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and configurations, electric fireplaces for the corner of a room can also be integrated into the other functions of a room. And showing its versatility, the corner fireplace with TV stand is also very popular.

Some common examples of this include bookcase corner electric fireplaces, as well as the aforementioned entertainment and media center models. These allow you to store and proudly, beautifully display a library of books or films, or to watch television and consume other media.

Additionally, corner electric fireplaces have the advantage of being able to work in almost any space because of the way they blend tradition and innovation. While a fireplace can often add a rustic or traditional feel to a room, the modernist look of the corner shape and the efficiency of an electric fireplace can balance that out with a more contemporary feel--meaning that the corner electric fireplace is equally at home in a streamlined office, a cozy cabin, and an exciting media room.

If too traditional or too modern doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, keep in mind that there is a wide variety of corner electric fireplace designs, some leaning more heavily one way or the other, while others sit comfortable in the middle.

Of course, one of the other major advantages of the corner electric fireplace is its simplicity and consistency when compared with a wood burning fireplace.


Corner Electric Fireplaces vs Wood Burning Corner Fireplaces

Wood burning corner fireplaces are not as common as corner electric fireplaces because of the amount of space and air flow that a traditional wood burning fireplace needs to function. However, they do exist.

While wood burning fireplaces can often emphasize that traditionality and rustic aesthetic a great deal, there are plenty of electric fireplaces that do the same thing without the hassle of a wood burning fireplace.

Conventional fireplaces that burn wood are much harder to install and maintain than corner electric fireplaces, as they need either an entire chimney or at the very least a complex ventilation system in order to be operated safely.

Even after the installation process is complete, corner electric fireplaces tend to be much safer for two major reasons:

    • They do not produce flames that can spread and cause a fire (though fire safety is still important with any heater)
    • Similarly, they do not produce smoke that can cause health problems if not properly ventilated
However, what attracts most electric fireplace users is the simplicity of their operation. With electric fireplaces, there is no need to buy or cut fuel, and getting the “fire” started is often as simple as pushing a button.

Of course, electric corner fireplaces also have a major advantage over conventional electric heaters in that they look more beautiful and can be more easily integrated into the decor of a room.

That’s what the corner electric fireplace is all about: taking the best aspects of fireplaces and modern heaters, while leaving out the hassle and difficulty associated with both.

Portable Corner Electric Fireplace

There is another exciting innovation in the world of corner electric fireplaces that’s even newer and more impressive in many ways: the portable corner electric fireplace. These electric fireplace heaters for the corner are perfect for moving around the house for space heat, or even taking along on a cabin trip.

While lighter and easier to move than many corner electric fireplaces, they provide the same heat and beauty, and are just as simple to use. As the technology behind corner electric fireplaces continues to improve, it’s likely that they will become ever more portable as time goes on.

Of course, it’s also worth considering that even full sized corner electric fireplaces are often more portable than other types of heaters, and obviously a great deal more portable than an in-wall fireplace.

The freedom to move around without difficulty and the ability to work in almost any space regardless of size, use, or decor are two of the major things that make these fireplaces so special.

How to Install a Corner Electric Fireplace

There are a wide variety of ways to install a corner electric fireplace, and it is important to both get the model that suits your prefered installation style and follow all manufacturer’s instructions closely and carefully during the installation process.

Many electric fireplaces fit into existing fireplaces. Many more are free standing. These include many of the types that are integrated with other furnishings like media stands, bookcases, and more.

Still others include a cabinet like the frame of a conventional in-wall fireplace--and if you’re handy, you can even build one of these yourself! Of course, it’s also important to take all the proper precautions and make sure the electric fireplace is properly ventilated.

Additionally, a big part of the installation process for a corner electric fireplace actually happens after it’s settled into its place and plugged in. Decorating a home is all about expressing your own personality and sense of style. One of the real beauties of the corner electric fireplace is how easy it is to make one completely your own.

Whether you incorporate your corner electric fireplace into your working life in a home office, perhaps using it as a space to display a computer monitor, or you go with the age old tradition of putting photographs and display objects on the corner mantle, the possibilities are truly endless. Defining your corner electric fireplace can be a major part of defining your space and yourself.

Conclusion: Tradition and Innovation Together

Between all of the advantages in terms of ease of use, ease of installation, and safety, it’s easy to see why so many homeowners have chosen to integrate corner electric fireplaces into their decorating and furnishing strategies.

However, it’s really the beauty and variety of these pieces of furniture that makes them stand out from the crowd. Their versatility is also impressive, especially in the way that they can work so well in virtually any living space. Last but not least, it’s the almost blank slate quality that many electric fireplaces for the corner have: their ability to adapt to your taste and style.

This all comes from their hallmark blend of tradition and innovation. While plenty of other furnishings harken back to a time long gone by or look only to the future, the corner electric fireplace is both a deep evolution in the way that fireplaces fit in the home and a continuation of a grand history.