Enhancing Your Corners At Home Or Office!

Corner Furniture Protector

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    Protects against scratches and scrapes.
    Saves upholstery from kitties claws
    A gift all cat owners will appreciate

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    Clear Corner Protectors & Corner Guards |...

    1.√SHARP CORNER: always worry about baby hit injured?Try our corner guards, specially designed for children, suitable everywhere have sharp corner, thickness of the soft, effectively avoid Your kids and family will no longer get injured by sharp furniture corners!
    2.√HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL:Made of 100% Non-Toxic MEDICAL GRADE PVC, Our corner protector can contact directly with foods or be bitten by kids (unlike most other PVC materials) – Large, impossible for kids to swallow, NO choking hazards.
    3.√APPLIED to VARIOUS OCCASION: Suitable for “corner” tables, desks, chairs, chests, cabinets, shelves, stairs, hearths and other home furniture. To protect your loved one from the hard and sharp corners in your home, daycares, nursing homes, preschools, schools, hospitals, offices, senior facilities, restaurants, hotels and more.

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    Clerance Sale – Leyaron 12...

    The L-shaped corner cushions are made of soft impact-absorbing foam. And these corner guards are extremely thick and super durable, fire retardant, non-toxic, no heavy metals and latex free. To protect toddlers from sharp edges with the healthier way.
    These corner edge protectors are easy to install. Please stick the inside of corner guards with the double-sided tape and press it 30 seconds, then it will be fastened securely to the edge. Quickly and easily to remove if it is no longer needed.
    Our high-density, L-shape cushions are durable, yet soft to the touch, and are able to absorb impact to help prevent injury. They can be easily and firmly attached to the sharp surface of furniture, corners and home appliances with right angle. A very good helper in daily life.

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    Cool-Shop 10 – Pack Baby...

    Package: 10 Pack Baby Safety Clear Corner Guards
    Soft, Cushioned Support – Safeguard children and toddlers learning to walk from bumps and bruises by attaching our corner protectors to sharp furniture edges.
    NO MORE WORRYING – With Kids Constantly in Motion and Sharp Corners Everywhere, you Can Relax a Little When are Installed The Flexible Ball Shape Allows for safe Child Play Around the House,Ball Corner Guards Professional Design to Protect your Child from Getting Injured when Playing in the House.

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    Corner Cushion Guards Adhesive ||...

    – CLEAR — want to keep your furniture aesthitically pleasing while keeping it safe?! Well these clear bumpers are hardly noticeable and are not like those eyesoring guards.
    – SIMPLE INSTALLATION — You’ll have no trouble installing these corner guards!!
    – EASY TO REMOVE — Easy to remove adhesive, Place a moderately warm cloth over the corner and allow adhesive to soften, lift from one side and peel off. Any remaining adhesive can be rolled off and you can use a little bit of furniture polish for a final clean up.

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    Corner Guards, Gvoo 20 Pack...

    Child Safe & Soft Material: L-shaped with smiling face corner guards are made of 100% Non-Toxic, odor freechild-safe PVC material, Soft and flexible clear corner guards will protect your love one from the hard and sharp corners, to prevent the accidents happening by cushioning the corners.
    Beauty: Due to the Transparent material, they won’t be an eye sore in your beautiful home. Even they are with smiling face, no more bulk and ugly colored foam. Do not worry about that they take away from natural beauty of your furniture. And for moving furniture, protects not only the furniture corners from getting damaged but also prevents holes and marks in the walls!
    Easy Installation: Each corner guard include maximum strength adhesives, which is strong enough to stay on, but gentle enough to come off and not damage furniture.

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    Corner Safety, KEBE 22-pack Furniture...

    PREMIUM CLEAR CORNER GUARDS: Made of high quality PVC material, no pungent odor of plastic. Ball corner guards design, soft & round enough to protect your baby from injuries of sharp furniture or table corners.
    EFFECTIVE PROTECTION: 22packs soft corner protect your kids when they play from sharp corners on dining table, desks, nightstands, shelves and any other corner.
    MULTIPLE USES: The flexible ball shape in addition to allows for safe child play around the house, and it can prevent accidental bruises on our thighs or arms. Even also be used while moving furniture to protect both your furniture and walls from damage.

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    Cunina 2m Baby Safety Bumper...

    NO MORE WORRING YOUR BABY – Children have a strong curiosity and action,this product can help baby keep away from the sharp edges and corners,free to walk,run and play games at home without worried the pain and injury from hitting the furniture.
    SAFE METERIAL AND BEAUTY – Made of safe PVC material,Transparent and Beautiful,Reusable,Eco friendly and Safety for babies.Unlike the foam corner edge protector,it can not only protect the baby,but also keep the beauty of the furniture and our house.
    MANY USES! – Cabinets,Countertops,drawers,Fireplace,Nightstands,Coffee Tables,Dining tables,Thick glass tables(2cm),Appliances,Sharp door edges,edge of wall protector( keep paint from chipping) and so many more.

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    Edge & Corner Guard Set...

    AUTHENTIC CERTIFIED SAFETY PRODUCT; Tested for flammability to give you peace of mind; There are no phthalates, BPA, chemicals or added toxic fire retardants (SCCPs); All tested under strict US regulations
    DENSITY PROTECTION IS BETTER THAN THICKNESS PROTECTION; Our soft, high density cushion covering will absorb and protect against hard, sharp edges and corners; Apply on wall edging or walls, glass tables, beds, kitchen units, desk, bedroom furniture, TV cabinets and table stands, bookcases, brick fireplace, hearth and more
    PROTECTION FOR THE YOUNG AND ELDERLY; Our worst nightmare for a child or elderly person, is an unavoidable accident, to fall, trip and bang their head. Our dense bumper guards, cushion the impact for a falling loved one, and protect from injury or harm

Corner Furniture Protector