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The Best Extendable Dining Table – Seats 12 | By MiniMax Decor

The Best Extendable Dining Table – Seats 12 | By MiniMax Decor
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Have you ever been amazed at how many people fit into your neighbor’s small apartment at a party? Did you ever wonder how they fit everyone at that tiny table you remember seeing in their living room when you visited? Well, if there are 12-15 people who enter that home, if they stay all day long and if at the end of the party you see them exiting the apartment happy with what they did and what they ate, then it is sure that your neighbor owns an extendable dining table.

An extendable dining table is the perfect table for small homes – it is a simple small dining table which takes up minimum storage space when you don’t need it and, when you have to welcome more than 4, 8 or 12 guests, it is perfectly extendable enough to fit everyone!  This makes it perfect for unexpected guests, family reunions or projects at home. And with flexibility of having an expanding table at the ready, you’ll be read for all and everything company brings your way.


This expanding dining table for up to 12 that we are presenting you today, will have you ready for all your friends and family to eat, joke, play and sing at the same table – even if they came as a surprise!

Here there are some of the advantages that an amazing extendable table comes up with:

• Modern Design


• Efficiency


• Easy to Use


• Space Saving


• High Quality and Durability


More than offering you the joy of spending time with all your friends without having to use the bad excuse of small space and without having to crowd at a small table, this extendable dining table also comes with a very modern look just right for your home. Being able to expand a table from more pieces, to conserve your space and to also make your home look good in all versions is a very modern concept and therefore, will contribute to the fresh, young and elegant vibe of your home.

Having this extendable dining table might be one of the best space saving products for your home. And it doesn’t even require any special maintenance skills.  So let’s take a closer look and discuss in more details about what it can offer you!

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• Modern Design 

Space savers when it’s only you enjoying your coffee, and a generous reunion 12 seater dining tables for all your friends when you need it, the extending dining table sets that we recommend come in a very modern design: coming in four sleek colors, if you add such an amazing extending dining table and some chairs in your home, it will surely integrate in whatever theme your apartment/office would have.

• Efficiency

We know what problems an extension dining table could create: some not-so-modern dining tables forced you to either have a 2-seat table, or a 12 person dining table. But what if you don’t need any of these? What if you only need to fit in 8 persons and 4 more places would be useless and even annoying and space-using? From this point of view, the white extendable dining table that we recommend is great: it is made out of one basic piece and 5 leaves of aprox. 20.2 inches each. Therefore, you can expand a 0 leaves 17.75 inches table that can be used as a desk, to a five leaves 118.4 inches extra long dining table seats 12.

• Easy to Use

With the unique Slide Rail technology incorporated, the legs of each piece of the table are provided with wheels in order to easily transport the table from a room to another. Also, expanding and putting away pieces from the table requires minimal effort due to the total weight of only 176 pounds and offers just the result you expect: more or less space, according to what you need.

• Space Saving 

Now, you get to decide the length of your table, in any moment of the day: small desk for your apartment, or a long dining table? Another great option would be to store your table as a desk in your office, and put the other pieces anywhere you wish, saving valuable space, and later to take it in your dining room or outside if you wish to fully expand your large dining room table seats 12.

• High Quality and Durability

The MiniMax dining table for 12 is made out of medium-density fiberboard wood, a high-quality material that ensures your table’s durability. Fine and sleek, the table is more than easy to expand and put away: it is also very easy to clean. Maximum support and firmness of the table are provided to your table by an adjustable center leg and two fasteners on each section, and all the five pieces come into heavy duty canvas bags (included), so that you will be able to easily assembly the table as you wish, making the combinations you desire and depositing the pieces that you don’t need safely and conveniently.

Saves a LOT of space Needs The Right Size Chairs to Fit 12
Long Lifetime and Durable High Quality MDF Material Requires Home Assembly
Unique Contemporary Style High Price
Appealing, Modern Design
Easy To Setup and Use
Easily Fits up to 12 People
Extendable from Desk To Dining Table
Slide Rail Technology and Wheels incorporated
Cleans Easily

Multiple quality tests were ran on the MiniMax extendable dining table before bringing it in front of you. It’s made of quality materials which adds to its durability.  It’s also available in other colors as well: Black Wood  and Sienna.

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